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Unfortunately, a lot of people believe they have a right to defraud you – to con you out of your money and they try to do this through various scams by email and telephone predominantly. Some are very successful at this and make a great deal of money, which means that a lot of other people are losing money to these scammers and often it’s those who can least afford to lose that money – the elderly and poor.  

Prevention is best and there are many things you can do to avoid being scammed.

But this fightback is about an approach called scambaiting

The idea is that you respond to the scammer’s emails or calls in ways that waste their time and effort.

There is a website    which specialises in 419 scams which are the ones where you are promised riches but have to pay some advance fee to get it. These are often from Nigeria or pretend to be from Nigeria. 

 Q1. Is It Only Greedy People Who Are Taken In?

No. The scammers victim of choice may be someone chasing free money but often its well-meaning people trying to help someone else. Also, the scammers watch the news and sometimes tailor their message around a natural disaster or other national problem. Then people who are generous can get caught up in these terrible scams

Q2. Are People Still Being Scammed By These Letters?

Yes. Sadly.  Each year many thousands of people are caught out by the scammers and it is estimated that over $1 billion dollars is lost to scammers per year.

Q3. Is it morally right to bait these scammers.  Aren’t many just trying to make a living? 

Yes, they are just trying to make a living. But they choose to do so by stealing from others and that is totally wrong. It is often those who can least afford to lose money that are being taken in and lose their money.

Q4. How Do I Get Started?

Scambaiting wastes the time and effort of these scammers and may make them less keen or able to pursue their scams. If you can get the scammers bank details or other financial or personal information then Trading Standards or the Police may be interested.

There are tips and tricks for those starting scambaiting at  

Have fun.

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