Business eMail Etiquette graphic

Sales emails are a valuable business tool when looking for new business, but It is bad business to annoy your customers with too many or irrelevant messages. Treat them with respect and you’re likely to do more business.

The problem with business email is that its dirt cheap – you can send out an email to everyone you've an email address for – at basically no cost.

And you can buy email lists – 1000s of email addresses cost just a few pounds from a cheap supplier or significantly more from a reputable supplier..

The main cause of business email spam is lack of thought on the part of the sender.

Some simple rules you can follow to help your business sales email avoid being classed as spam.

1.       Check up on the person or organization you’re sending email to – is your message relevant to them. If not then don’t send it in blind hope. Sending to more people for the sake of it is bad practice.

2.       Sending bulk messages blind cc is a good way to ensure each recipient doesn't see all of the other recipients but don’t use this when your message needs to be a personal approach

3.       Do tailor the content to fit the specific people  or organization you’re sending to.

4.       Be truthful. E.g. don’t claim to have looked at the customers website if you haven’t

5.       Don’t over promise. 


This may seem like more effort, but imagine that every business email you send out that is irrelevant to the recipient costs you £1, then you’d soon choose to put in this effort to avoid the cost.

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